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Time & Attendance

Use Namely’s time tracking software and physical time clocks to manage hourly employees with confidence.


Time & Attendance Management Software

Online Time Tracking

Intuitive, cloud-based software allows employees to manage their time online.

Physical Time Clocks

Employees can punch-in using a PIN, fingerprint, ID card, and more.

Mobile Time Tracking Software

Create geo-fenced locations where employees clock in and manage hours.


Create and manage employee schedules in real-time.


Manage overtime hours and missed punches to ensure compliance.

Mass Editing

Make mass changes to schedules or approve time-off requests with one click.

Import to Payroll

Transfer time data to payroll for accurate and error-free processing.

Admin Dashboard

View and manage your entire hourly workforce in one place.


Gain detailed insights on hours, employees, and more.

Learn More about Reporting

Physical time clocks, seamlessly integrated with modern, cloud-based time tracking software.

View your critical time management data in one visual dashboard.

Admin Dashboard

See how Namely helps you manage your hourly workforce with confidence.