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Managed Payroll

Let our team of experts take on your day-to-day payroll administration so you can focus on what matters most—your people.


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Managed Payroll Features

Tax Registration Services

Moving into a new state? We have you covered. Let us handle the burden of registering for a new tax ID.

Garnishment Administration

Reduce the risk of penalties by allowing Namely to manage everything related to your employee garnishments.

Time Data Imports

Using a stand-alone time solution? No problem - we will import employee hours for accurate payroll processing.

Payroll Data Entry & Imports

Whether it is a one-time deduction override or a mass import of rate changes, we will handle all data inputs related to payroll processing.

General Ledger Configuration

When your business changes and your GL file needs to be updated, Namely has you covered.

Processing On- and Off-Cycle Runs

Let us handle the processing of all of your pay runs—from gross to net calculations and everything in between.

System Configurations

We will ensure the platform is set up to support your unique earning or deduction codes and your payroll calendars.

Tax Notice Assistance

Our team will provide prompt responses to agency notices and interactions on your behalf.

Baseline Payroll Audits

To help ensure accuracy, we will always perform standard payroll audits each pay cycle.

Employment & Wage Verification

Reduce your burden by giving your employees access to our call center to handle employment and wage verification requests.

Dedicated Payroll Consultant

You will be assigned a Namely payroll expert to help answer questions and offer best-practice assistance.

Accuracy Guarantee

With Namely Managed Payroll, we are committed to delivering accurate payrolls so that you can feel at ease.

Don’t stress over paying your people.
Namely can make your payroll effortless. Free yourself from the administrative burdens related to payroll processing. From garnishments to State Tax ID set up — we have you covered.

Namely frees us to spend more time making it easy for people to do the right things. Our load is lighter so we can deliver more to the teams we strengthen and support.

– Colleen Clark, Head of Optimistic People at Life is Good

See how Namely helps you manage your payroll with confidence.