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HR Compliance Package

Mitigate the numerous people-centric compliance risks that exist in every mid-sized business.


See how much you can save with Namely's Compliance Package.

Namely Compliance Features

Live HR Advisors

Unlimited access to certified HR advisors who are here to offer expert advice.

Learning Management

Upload and administer custom trainings in addition to required compliance courses.

Living Handbook

Allows you to update company policies and communicate values and culture.


Leverage the OSHA logs to record workplace injuries and illnesses.

Live HR Advisors

Certified advisors that address over 100,000 questions every year on a variety of topics that are top of mind for your organization.


Learning Management System

With over 300 powerful, detailed trainings and the ability to upload your own, you can track employee progress, issue training certificates and generate comprehensive reports to visualize your team’s compliance readiness.

comply learning management
comply living handbook

Living Handbook

Regulations around your policies and procedures may change as your company grows. Our dynamic handbook allows you to update company policies and protect your organization from potential employee claims. Scroll down to preview our interactive map of sexual harassment training regulations across the country.


Handle the Occupational Safety and Health Administration requirements with ease. Leverage the OSHA logs to record workplace injuries and illnesses and quickly export the incidents onto Form 300 or 300A to submit to OSHA.

Comply OSHA

State Sexual Harassment Training Requirements

In the wake of the #MeToo movement, many states and cities are taking a strong stance against workplace harassment and are stepping up to protect workers’ rights. Namely can help keep you compliant by giving you insight into new state laws and delivering the required trainings.
Click here to see the full, interactive map.

State Sexual Harassment Training Requirements

Mandated Training

Encouraged Training

No Training Requirements

See how Namely can help you stay compliant.