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HR Compliance Database

Never worry about keeping up with compliance requirements again. Namely’s Comply Database offers resources on current and pending employment regulations and intuitive tools to help your company stay compliant.


See Namely’s Comply Database

HR Comply Database Features

Comprehensive Content Library

Search through an extensive library to help you navigate compliance standards and best practices.

Powerful Tools

Leverage interactive tools like an HR audit checklist, employee classification toolkit, and more.

Compliance & Legislative Insights

Stay up to date on breaking compliance news with expert analysis and insights.

State Comparison

Easily compare policies and regulations in the states you operate in to make it easy to manage a multi-state workforce.

Stressed about keeping up with the constantly changing regulatory requirements?

Our compliance database offers relevant compliance news with expert analysis to keep you in the know. Gain access to monthly newsletters, law alerts, and a compliance calendar to stay on top of upcoming deadlines and recent legislative changes.

Easily access the compliance information your company needs

With Namely’s Comply Database, HR professionals have the features they need to feel confident they are taking the steps necessary to keep their organization compliant. Access an extensive content library filled with resources like guides, checklists, whitepapers, webinars, and more to tackle compliance issues head-on.

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Reduce the Risk from Manual Efforts

Find the candidates that are right for your company faster. Namely’s Comply Database allows you to create engaging job descriptions and establish the right salary based on the employee’s role to ensure your organization is staying compliant.